Our Team


Michaela Dial

Michaela Dial has been with us for the greater part of her time as a college student studying Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to helping run the store she has designed a variety of logos for our company. She has also proven invaluable with package design for some of our products. Her abundance of creativity, design ideas, and strategic thinking have helped our business immensely. Sadly, all good things come to an end, and in the not too distant future a much bigger company will steal her away from us when she begins her professional career as an Industrial Designer.

Stephanie Schaffner

Stephanie Schaffner was a rare find for Keepsakes. Its not an exaggeration to call her our second in command. With her prior experience in Restaurant Management its easy for her to take the helm when necessary. When she first came on board we had no idea she would become a Youtube celebrity. Specifically, in the Flosstube channel on Youtube Stephanie has become an influencer and celebrity with over 14 thousand subscribers.


Her exposure to cross stitch and everything cross-stitch related quickly made her into a “stitcher” and over the past few years she has developed a vast mental encyclopedia of all things cross stitch. Go check her out at Just Keep Stitchin' on Youtube.



Susan is a customer turned employee. She brings to the table an abundance of creativity and clever ideas. She is a true artist, with an amazing eye for color,  design, and artistic balance. In addition to being a cross stitcher she is also a machine stitcher. When she fires up her sewing machine wonderful things get created: project bags, needle keeps, scissor fobs, and so on. Susan is unflappable and calm, and when things get crazy at Keepsakes she always helps calm the waters.




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Lynn Weintrub

Lynnie was a stitching customer, and then suddenly she was an employee. Lynnie is our longest serving employee. She is our “touchstone”, and you can always go to her for advice. She is also our “mother hen”, always looking out for the rest of us. She is also a professional model stitcher, stitching samples for a national cross-stitch designer.



Jan is our newest addition at Keepsakes. Like all of our employees she is a stitcher. Jan always brings a ray of sunshine to our store, and she is always quick with a positive word or idea. Jan is our “professional organizer” helping impose order upon chaos. (How are we so lucky to keep finding these good people?)


By popular demand our shop cat, 310, gets included on the employee page. Her duties include: sleeping, eating, knocking over open beverages, begging for attention, and, at least in theory, catching mice. Once upon a time she was just a stray cat, Barbara began feeding her, and the rest is history. (310 is the DMC floss color “black” and since she is a black cat and we are a cross-stitch shop… well you get it.)